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Custom Homes

Wagler Constructions custom home building and remodeling division was founded in 2002 and has worked hard to earn a growing reputation as a builder that practices excellence. Wagler Construction is committed to maintaining the highest standard for material selection and workmanship. Customer confidence and trust is our goal and we reach that by taking your dream and turning it into reality with daily communication to ease the stress of building. Building a new home or remodeling your existing does not need to as stressful as many would think and Wagler construction is committed to honesty with their clients so that the stress induced with building is kept to a minimum.
Why choose Wagler Construction for your new home or addition?
  • Deal directly with the contractor
  • We use licensed subcontractors with a conscience
  • Job site cleanliness
  • With no more the 3 projects under construction at one time, Wagler Construction ensures that full attention is on your job site which results in projects completing in a timely manner
  • Committed to customer satisfaction
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